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Floating Fitness - What To Expect

Floating fitness is the #1 New Aquatic Fitness Trend- so if you're looking to try a class, here's what to expect!

This summer get, and stay fit, by incorporating water into your fitness routine. In fact, why not immerse yourself in it? Or more specifically, float on it. Floating fitness is the #1 new aquatic fitness trend and it is taking the world by storm. If you want to try your hand at something enjoyable and beneficial, then dive in and read on.

Expect to have fun, be challenged and get a good workout!

Floating fitness classes focus on improving posture and balance while enjoying activities such as yoga, pilates, HIIT circuits, and resistance band training. You will be using the extra durable Aqua Body Strong™ boards to undertake one of these four balance and strength-based water workouts. The boards are tethered to the pool lane lines, so you won't need to worry around floating around aimlessly or facing the wrong direction.

Amy Hopkinson, a digital editor for Women's Health, recently tried floating fitness for the first time. She described it as, "An explosive HIIT circuit on a sturdier lilo that's one of the toughest workouts on water."

A writer for the Telegraph, Rachel Matthews, also tried a floating fitness class. She said that despite falling off eight times, she had a blast and emerged from the water laughing every time. So don't be afraid of falling off the board. The point of the class is to challenge yourself.

Below are a couple of highlights:

  • Improved posture & core muscle strength

  • Increased balance, proprioception and injury prevention

  • Weight loss

  • Low impact

  • Sports performance enhancement

  • Increased attention span and improved concentration

  • Self-confidence builder

  • Increased strength

The classes are well rounded and designed specifically to incorporate the key principles of core stability, balance, flexibility, strength, power, and endurance. And it isn't just your physical health that will improve. You can expect to see improvements in your health and well being right from the first class.

But don't just take our word for it. The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention published a study on the benefits of water-based exercise. They state that people prefer water-based exercise over land based-exercise. They found they can spend more time doing water-based exercises due to reduced stress and impact.

The same study also found that low-impact water-based exercises like our floating fitness classes can help people with chronic diseases. Sufferers of conditions like arthritis enjoyed increased health improvements when compared to those who participated in more traditional exercises.

But What Should I Wear?

You don't need anything special to join in, although you should plan on getting wet.

With that said, we'd recommend modest swimwear and/or quick-dry fabrics like fitted yoga pants or shorts.

ABS™ Aqua Board Floating Fitness is an aqua fitness class like no other. With volume price discounts now is the perfect time to bring ABS™ Aqua Board classes to your facility. Contact us to find your nearest class.

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