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5 Noteworthy Benefits of ABS™ Aqua Cycling

Aqua cycling may sound like a fad, but the health benefits are decidedly hype-worthy. Read on to learn about the many advantages of aqua cycling, by Aqua Body Strong™, and how this trend is here to stay!

Aqua cycling, by Aqua Body Strong™, is a total-body, results-driven workout that's so much more than pedaling your legs underwater. This program will have your members, cycling, rebounding, stabilizing, stretching, challenging their stamina and building endurance. It's a total fitness solution.

5 Benefits Of Aqua Cycling by Aqua Body Strong™

1. Burn More Fat In Less Time

Most everyone can agree that working out in water is more difficult than working out on land, due to the viscous nature of water and it's resistant qualities. ABS™ Aqua Cycle classes capitalize on the nature of water. They incorporate HIIT-like workouts on and off the bike utilizing the water's resistance. In this training technique, students perform intense bursts of exercises like "sprinting" on the bike or kicking while holding the handlebars, followed by short recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps students heart rate up and burns more fat in less time than on land.

2. Low-Impact and Joint-Friendly

Active agers, as well as, fitness enthusiasts choose ABS™ Aqua Cycle for its low-impact, high-intensity pay-off. ABS™ Aqua Cycle, is an ideal water, cardio trainer because has little to no impact on your joints. In fact, people with chronic pain syndromes like arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and lupus may find exercising on an ABS™ Aqua Cycle bike easier than exercising on a land-based bike. Moreover, the water helps to improve overall fitness and range of motion.

3. Water Therapy - Increased Lymphatic Drainage

When cycling in water, the pedaling movement, combined with the resistance of the water acts like a massage. This helps to circulate the lymph, or more specifically, the fluid of the lymphatic system. Increasing circulation and drainage of the lymphatic system can relieve swelling, help dispose of toxins and help heal injuries quicker. Optimizing your detox pathways can help boost energy levels, promote clarity of mind and more!

4. Improved Balance

Balance is the body’s ability to remain upright and steady. When a student is pedaling on the ABS™ Aqua Cycle, currents of water push on the body, challenging them to keep their form. As this happens, the body’s autonomic nervous system kicks in and activates the core stabilizing muscles to engage, effectively strengthening the core. As a result, students benefit not only by cycling the calories away but by gaining a stronger core, which equates to better balance.

5. Toned Muscles & Coordination

In the past, people often associated water exercise with their grandma's workout, but today that has changed. Writer, Rosalind Ryan, sums it up nicely in her article, "How can aqua-exercises help you slim?" She says, "Just because exercising in water is softer on joints does not mean it is a softer workout. Working out in water means your muscles are forced to work harder, burning more fat and toning them up faster than land-based exercises. This is because they are fighting the water every time they move." Aqua Cycle, by Aqua Body strong™, is ideal for toning muscles and improving coordination.

Add ABS™ Aqua Cycle To Your H2O Fitness Programming!

Aqua Cycle, by Aqua Body Strong™, is an aqua fitness class that everyone can enjoy. The glorious thing about it is that it takes very little technique to use, just start pedaling! Now is the perfect time to bring ABS™ Aqua Cycle classes to your facility. Contact us today.

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