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Train Like A Fighter

Aqua Combat

Discover the power of ABS™ Aqua Combat, where aquatic resistance meets the intensity of kickboxing and mixed martial arts. This easy-to-implement, explosive aqua cardio program will have your students punching, kicking, and rebounding like seasoned MMA professionals. With 12 rounds of core-rotational combos and metabolic conditioning spikes, our aqua combat classes enhance muscular strength, endurance, and coordination, propelling your members' fitness journey to new heights. Amp up the workout with our hydrodynamic drag equipment, including Aqua Combat Gloves, Bells, and Mitts, designed to maximize resistance and sculpt the body.

Find Your Fierce

Appealing to all ages and fitness levels, Aqua Combat's dynamic, high-energy format promises to breathe new life into aquatic fitness offerings. Its universal appeal extends beyond traditional aqua fitness demographics, attracting both older and younger populations who seek excitement in their fitness routines.

With convenient online certification training, facilities can effortlessly equip their staff to lead engaging Aqua Combat classes. This accessibility, coupled with minimal equipment requirements and readily available products, makes Aqua Combat a straightforward, cost-effective, addition for YMCAs, aquatics centers, universities, and resorts.

Free Aqua Combat Online Certification Training With The Purchase of 10 Pairs of Aqua Combat Gloves

Gear Designed For All Fitness Abilities



Aqua Combat Gloves

The Aqua Combat Glove is ideal for most students, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and kids. Lightweight with a large surface, they create just the right amount of resistance for fun, high-tensity strength toning.


Aqua Combat Bells

Your most athletic students will be drawn to the Aqua Combat Bells, which deliver the most amount of resistance while doing Aqua Combat. They are recommended for your advanced students and athletes.

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Aqua Combat Mitts

Aqua Combat Mitts are perfect for active agers or anyone recovering from an injury. They are lightweight, webbed and

increase the surface area of your hand to give an enjoyable amount of resistance.

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Get Your Team Certified

Certification Training

ABS™ Aqua Combat was created by fitness professionals for fitness enthusiasts at all levels. Aqua Body Strong® leads the way in aqua combat certification training, offering comprehensive in-person and online programs designed to ensure that instructors possess the knowledge and skills necessary to design and lead effective and engaging aqua combat workouts for all ages and fitness levels. From understanding the science behind the workout, learning the unique Aqua Combat signature formula and mastering proper technique instructors will feel confident and excited to teach. Backed by AFAA and AEA, instructors receive 6 CEUs upon completion of the course. Register for an upcoming training below. 

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