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5 Exceptional Benefits of ABS™ Aqua Combat

As a person enters the pool they enter a completely different environment - one in which the scientific laws of turbulence, hydrodynamic drag, inertia, buoyancy, and the viscosity of the water reign supreme. ABS™ Aqua Combat capitalizes on the unique physical properties of water to improve core strength, increase endurance, improve flexibility, increase agility and to tone and tighten muscles. Read on to learn the many health benefits of ABS™Aqua Combat.


Aqua Combat is an explosive, aqua-cardio workout that uses water resistance training and choreographed, mixed-martial-arts-inspired combinations to help you become the fittest, strongest, and most physically fit you have been in years. Click on the video below to see a class in action.


Improved Core Strength

When submerged in water, our bodies have a Center of Gravity (COG) and a Center of Buoyancy (COB). When standing upright, the center of buoyancy is around mid-chest level, directly above the center of gravity which is located in the pelvis. When both centers are aligned vertically the body will be stable and feel balanced. When performing ABS™ Aqua Combat, the body moves through a variety of positions, so the Center of Gravity and the Center of Buoyancy are no longer vertically aligned, thus "throwing off the body's stability". This sends a signal to the brain to trigger the autonomic nervous system to contract the core muscles in an effort to stabilize the body, thus strengthening the deep core muscles without conscious effort. Having a strong core translates into improved posture, reduced back pain, reduced risk of injuries, and increased sports performance.

Increased Endurance

If you have ever created whirlpools in a Jacuzzi and then tried to run against the current you would have been met with water resistance and experienced the law of turbulence firsthand. Turbulence is the whitewash, currents, and whirlpools you create as you move your body through the water. The more movement you make results in more turbulence and increases your muscular effort and ultimately the aerobic resistance required to move through the water. In an ABS™ Aqua Combat class, you are actively kicking, punching, and rebounding – creating turbulence with every move. Moving against the multidirectional resistance of the water works all your muscles, promotes muscular balance, and increases your endurance.

Toned & Balanced Muscles

We already know that turbulence helps in promoting muscular balance and toning muscles, but how do we do that quicker and more efficiently? ABS™ Aqua Combat has got you covered. By adding accessories like Aqua Combat bells, gloves, and mitts you are able to increase drag resistance (the resistance experienced by a person when moving through the water) thus increasing the intensity of your workout. Think of it this way, when submerged in a pool, the water is actively pushing onto your body. In order to perform a movement, you must push against the water. By increasing the drag resistance, you are forced to increase the push or pull against the water.

Increased Flexibility ABS™ Aqua Combat consists of 12 rounds of various mixed-martial-arts-inspired movements and aerobic conditioning spikes geared to tone, strengthen and increase flexibility. By performing the various kickboxing combinations in the water you will increase your range of motion and flexibility.

Greater Agility

Balance is the body’s ability to remain upright and steady. When you are doing Aqua Combat, you are creating currents of water that challenge you to stay upright. In other words, you are actively practicing not falling. We already know that our body’s autonomic nervous system kicks in to activate our core stabilizing muscles, but your brain also sends out signals to your body telling you to quickly move back into a balanced position. As a result, you are training your body to move with greater efficiency and agility.

Add ABS™Aqua Combat To Your Class Schedule!

Aqua Body Strong offers In-Person and Online Aqua Combat certification training. Let us teach your staff how to give fun, safe and successful ABS™ Aqua Combat classes to all fitness levels. Contact us today and receive our Kick Start Summer promotion of a free online Aqua Combat certification training when you purchase 10 Aqua Combat gloves.


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