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Aqua Fitness Bikes

Keep cool with this hot new workout that combines the water resistance training benefits of aqua aerobics with the high-intensity thrill of indoor cycling. This total-body, results-driven workout will have you cycling, rebounding, stabilizing, stretching, challenging your stamina, and building endurance. Ideal for individuals who suffer from joint pain, are overweight, or need to stimulate their lymphatic system. Ideal for group fitness classes, small group training and therapy. Blaze your path in the pool!

Blaze Your Own Path

Aquatic Spin Biking represents the latest evolution in aquatic fitness. This innovative concept brings indoor cycling to the pool, offering a full-body, results-driven, fun workout experience. Beyond underwater pedaling, participants engage in cycling, rebounding, stabilizing, stretching, and stamina-challenging exercises, all while having a great time. 


Our bikes have earned acclaim as the best commercial aquatic bikes on the market due to their durability, ease of use, customizable pedaling resistance system, and eye-catching design. The exclusive resistance system allows class participants to seamlessly adjust their resistance level during workouts, creating an immersive experience without interruptions. This is the ONLY Aqua Bike on the market that features this capability. Check out the BPM Aqua Bike, Aqua Active Bike, and economical Smart Up Bike below.

BPM Aqua Bike

Get ready to revolutionize your aquatic workout or therapy session with the cutting-edge BPM Aqua Spin Bike! With its innovative design, dial up the resistance underwater with just a twist, turning every pedal into an exhilarating challenge.


Aqua Active Bike

Get ready to ride with Aqua Active Bike. This bike features all the same bells and whistles as the BPM Aqua Spin Bike, but with new a sleek design. Effortlessly adjust resistance underwater, intensifying your workout for a fun, results-driven workout or therapy session.


Smart Up Aqua Bike

Experience the thrill of aqua cycling with the extremely stable and economical Smart Up Aqua Bike, a stainless steel traditional model, featuring a vibrant protective casing and resistance pedals. Ideal for beginners.

Product Specifications

  • Elegant, innovative, and functional design: equipped with a polyethylene shell and stainless steel frame

  • The resistance system guarantees increased fluidity and durability

  • A wide handlebar allows more positions and a better grip

  • Resistive pedal in polyethylene, designed to increase pedaling fluidity and strength

  • The stability of the bike is ensured by the perfect balance between the front and rear axle, the new reinforced bases, and four suction cup feet

  • The 74° saddle-handlebar angle ensures the best position during use, excluding horizontal saddle adjustments

  • Wheels on the front base allow easy movement of equipment

  • 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

Key Features


Technical Features

Material: AISI 316 L varnished

Dimensions: 3.4 ft x 2.1 ft

Suggested Depth: 3.5 FT - 4.5 FT DEEP

Weight: 49.5 LBS

Colors: Lime, Orange, Yellow

Resistance: Adjustable

Get Your Team Certified

Certification Training

Aqua Body Strong® stands at the forefront of aqua cycle certification, offering comprehensive in-person and soon online programs designed to ensure that instructors possess the knowledge and skills necessary to design and lead effective and engaging aqua cycling workouts for all ages and fitness levels. From understanding the science behind aqua cycling to mastering proper techniques instructors will feel confident and excited to teach.  Register for an upcoming training below or contact us for an in-person training at your pool.

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