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Striving to make an


Good Health. Positive Self-Identity. Community.

Striving to make an impact

About Aqua Body Strong

These days, more and more people are putting an emphasis on their health & well-being. They are looking for ways to be inspired and stay more active. But, getting and staying fit is only a small piece of the puzzle. People want to feel like they are part of a grander picture. They long for purpose and belonging. They desire to be part of a community.


Aqua Body Strong® is devoted not only to the health and wellness of people but also to their well-being. We create signature classes and workouts that encourage teamwork, and promote friendly interaction and fun, whilst producing significant results physically in strength, balance, and focus. 

Good Health, Positive Self-Identity, Community

Our Mission

Aqua Body Strong® is committed to creating innovative fitness products, exceptional certification training, and purposeful workouts that promote good health, positive self-identity, and community.


In 2016, through thoughtful and intentional aquatic development, experience, and collaboration with aquatic centers and trainers throughout the world, Aqua Body Strong® was born. We are excited to offer the ultimate, easy-to-implement, innovative water fitness programming.

A Note From the Founder

Aqua Body Strong Story

There are some experiences that invariably shape a person. For me, it was the first time I stood at the edge of the ocean gathering up the courage to throw myself in. I dog-paddled out into the surf, was pushed by the whitewash, and for a few sweet seconds floated along in a sea of meringue. I associate that day with the day my love for water exercise began.

While working in the resort fitness industry, I saw the need to bring exciting and unique, results-driven aqua fitness workouts to the world. Water is the great equalizer. It allows all fitness abilities to enjoy high-intensity workouts in a low-impact environment, plus it's more fun and more challenging. So in 2017, I founded Aqua Body Strong®. Today, we are known as the industry’s standard for commercial aquatic fitness equipment and certification training and I couldn't have done without the love and support from my fellow aquatic professionals.

My Sincerest Thank You,

Gia  Lucy

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