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Beyond Buoyancy: Rethinking Aqua Fitness

Capitalizing on Turbulence, Hydrodynamic Drag, Inertia, and the Viscosity of Water

People often think of aqua fitness ONLY from a buoyancy perspective. You have probably heard people say, "Water fitness is excellent for rehabilitation, or for older people because working out in the water is easy on the joints." While that is true, other physiological properties of water are also at work that help to increase core strength, tone and strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, agility, and balance, cleanse the lymphatic system, and even help prevent injuries.

Capitalizing on water's unique properties for a better workout.
Aqua Body Strong Innovative Fitness Equipment

Unique Quality of Water

Water has its own set of rules. Understanding and utilizing them through thoughtfully designed aqua fitness programs can lead to a stronger and healthier community.

As we immerse ourselves in water a whole host of aquatic properties comes into play, influencing how our body acts and reacts in the water: Turbulence, Hydrodynamic Drag, Inertia, Buoyancy, and the Viscosity of Water are all contributing factors and make up the physiological properties of water. By leveraging these properties through strategic aquatic workouts we can enhance strength and well-being. This is where Aqua Body Strong’s innovative, commercial-grade, water fitness equipment comes into play.

Why put a trampoline, stationary bike, treadmill, or fitness board in the water? Why not just work out on land? The answer is simple. It all has to do with capitalizing on water's unique properties.

Aqua Body Strong's equipment and classes are not just a fun and exciting way to work out, they are developed to provide maximum training results using turbulence, hydrodynamic drag, inertia, buoyancy, and the viscosity of water. Let’s take a look at a couple of different pieces of equipment and their benefits.

Aquatic Cycling
BPM Pool Bike

BPM Aqua Fitness Bike

Think indoor cycling is the only game in town? Meet the BPM Aqua Bike, bringing the same excitement as its land counterpart with added benefits. This low-impact exercise not only creates balanced muscles by engaging opposing muscle groups through eccentric and concentric contractions but also enhances skeletal alignment, promotes good posture, prevents injuries, and boosts proprioception.

How? In the water, buoyancy significantly decreases the effect of gravity, requiring more force to push the pedal downward and an equal amount of effort to pull the pedal up. The result? Maximized muscle fiber recruitment with every motion.

Stand Up Fitness
ABS™ Aqua Board

ABS™ Aqua Board

Get excited about Stand Up Fitness! ABS™ Aqua Boards are similar to a stand-up paddleboard but shaped like a yoga mat and attached to pool lane lines. This versatile platform provides opportunities for a variety of different types of workouts including yoga, pilates, and even HIIT training with the additional benefit of stability training.

This inflatable, floating board lends itself perfectly to stability training, which focuses on improving control over the body's muscles and movements to maintain or regain stability. The primary goal is to enhance balance and coordination, ultimately improving functional movement and reducing the risk of injury. But the real magic lies in the thrill of finding your balance atop the board. It's not just about physical strength; it's about focus, stability, and a bit of self-confidence. Plus, the joy of conquering that first wobbly moment is unparalleled.

Pool Trampoline For Exercise
ABS™ Aqua Trampoline

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline

Albert E. Carter hails rebounding as the most efficient form of exercise ever devised. Now, add the additional benefits of exercising in water and you've got perhaps the most perfect workout! Trampolines aren't just fun; they foster camaraderie and accountability, helping increase membership retention.

Beyond that, aqua trampolining utilizes the viscosity of water for resistance training. Water is 800 times denser than air, so as participants jump, dance, or push through the water they are toning muscles, boosting cardiac endurance, and strengthening joints. The water's resistance on the body also enhances the lymphatic and immune systems, promoting the body's natural ability to detoxify and strengthen its immunity.

Kickboxing Exercise In The Pool
ABS™ Aqua Combat

ABS™ Aqua Combat

Have you ever created whirlpools in a Jacuzzi and then tried to run against the current? If so, you would have been met with water resistance and experienced the law of turbulence firsthand. Turbulence is the whitewash, currents, and whirlpools you create as you move your body through the water. The more movement you make results in more turbulence and increases your muscular effort and ultimately the aerobic resistance

required to move through the water.

ABS™ Aqua Combat classes, have participants actively kicking, punching, and rebounding creating turbulence with every move. Moving against the multidirectional resistance of the water works all muscles, promotes muscular balance, and increases endurance.

So what's in it for aquatic centers that provide these programs?

So, what's in it for the pools that provide these programs? Their benefits extend to attracting new members, retaining existing ones, and experiencing revenue growth. Aquatic centers incorporating specialized aqua fitness programs, like Aqua Body Strong, distinguish themselves from facilities lacking such offerings. Consequently, they draw in new members actively seeking distinctive fitness experiences, establishing the facility as their preferred fitness destination. The communal and health-related perks of group aquatic fitness sessions play a crucial role in maintaining members' enthusiasm and commitment. The sense of accountability to one another fosters loyalty, encouraging long-term engagement. By diversifying your fitness offerings through Aqua Body Strong equipment and programming aquatic centers can anticipate a substantial increase in revenue and overall profitability.


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