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Aqua Therapy & Beyond

Star Aqua Treadmill

Rehab centers, YMCAs and aquatic centers will delight in the Star Aqua Treadmill. With a three-roll sliding system that guarantees maximum fluidity and smoothness, it's the only one of its kind that allows for running in the water. Rehab clients can work to regain coordination and improve their balance, gait, and flexibility in a low-impact, buoyant environment. 

In addition to the obvious rehab benefits, the Star Aqua Treadmill also provides a fantastic platform for challenging and quick-paced group water fitness classes that improve coordination, strength, and flexibility. Utilizing the treadmill as a treadmill, step and barre, the surface of the water explodes in a furry of whitewash as instructors lead their students in water resistance exercises like rocking horse on and off the treadmill, to a fast sprint, followed by donkey kicks. Add resistance bands to the bar for targeted toning classes and the options are endless!

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