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Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Aqua Body Strong™ is committed to our mission to provide purposeful workouts, and joyful experiences that promote good health, positive self-identity, and community. As a company, we understand the importance of continuing education to help support our instructors in accomplishing this goal. Check out the member benefits below!

Benefits of Instructor Network 

The Aqua Body Strong™ Instructor Network (ABS IN™) is a monthly membership program created to give Aqua Body Strong™ Instructors ongoing home office and community support, continuing education in their Aqua Body Strong™ format, and tools for teaching successful ABS™ classes. With our continuing education programs, you’ll be prepared with fresh, new routines, feel confident, and be able to connect with other ABS™ Instructors.

As an ABS IN™ member, you’ll receive:

Marketing Tools

ABS IN™ Members have the exclusive ability to use the Aqua Body Strong™ name and logo to market their classes. Plus, they will receive branded marketing materials like Instagram/Facebook ads, printable flyers, and posters to promote their classes.

Exercise Library + Choreographed Routines

Gain digital access to our subscription-based ABS IN™ T.V. channel where you can view your favorite and new ABS™ choreography. You will also receive full access to your Aqua Body Strong™ fitness format online exercise library, 

As part of your ABS IN™ membership, you will receive recommended songs and playlists for your official ABS™ choreography.

Community Support

Connect with a network of new and experienced ABS™ instructors from all over the world

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