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Building A Strong Core

Water Fitness Equipment That Activates Your Autonomic Nervous System and Triggers Your Core Muscles To Engage.

It is a rare person who loves doing sit-ups and crunches. Just a few years ago most people thought that doing hundreds of crunches a day would help them attain that elusive 6-pack, but today I'm here to tell you, you have better options.

You can "trick" your body into a giving you a stronger core through stability workouts that activate your autonomic nervous system, triggering your core stabilizing muscles to fire. Using water fitness equipment, like Aqua Body Strong's water fitness board, pool bicycle, and aqua trampoline is an excellent way to achieve your desired look while reaping the many health benefits of stability training in water. Read on to find out how.

Water Fitness Equipment: More Than Just Exercise

There are many health benefits to having a strong core like improved posture, reduced back pain, and reduced risk of injuries. A strong core can also increase sports performance and make workouts more effective.

When exercising in the water, the autonomic nervous system automatically triggers our core muscles to contract in an effort to stabilize us. This prevents us from falling, and in the process, trains our core to be stronger. Explore the following ways to gain a strong core through the use of water equipment.

1. Aqua Body Strong Water Fitness Boards

Aqua Body Strong water fitness boards sit on top of the water and are anchored for controlled stability. When a participant sits, kneels, or stands upright on the board while exercising, their brain acknowledges that their body is unstable and triggers their autonomic nervous system to signal their core muscles to tighten to keep them from falling. This is all done without conscious effort.

2. ABS™ Aqua Cycle Bike

An ABS™ aquatic bicycle workout requires a participant to implement and maintain proper posture so they don't fall into the handlebars or off the seat. Again, you can thank your autonomic nervous system for this. Without conscious effort, it triggers your core muscles to engage to maintain proper posture, as a result, your core and balance are strengthened. As an added bonus, ABS™ Aqua Cycling also helps to burn more fat in a shorter period of time, improve coordination, and increase muscle tone.

3. ABS™ Aqua Trampoline

Who doesn't love jumping on a trampoline? A pool trampoline can have even greater effects on the body and the core muscles because of the natural resistance of the water. As the participant jumps up and down on the trampoline, the autonomic nervous system triggers the person's core muscles to ensure they rebound properly. This results in a stronger core, more stability, and a fulfilling workout that participants thoroughly enjoy.

This type of low-impact exercise is great for people who struggle with obesity or joint problems. An individual's metabolism can also be altered resulting in weight loss and a reduction in fat storage.

Purchasing Water Fitness Equipment

Purchasing water fitness equipment can help you and your gym members to have a stronger core. Since these activities all take place in the water and are low impact, they are suitable for many age groups.

Interested in purchasing water fitness equipment? Check out our product selection to find the best equipment for your facility.

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