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This is a trampoline.


Mental Reboot

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline

Designed For fun; Results are just a benefit

Aqua Trampoline

Jump into the ultimate blend of a serious workout session and a serious fun experience with ABS™ Aqua Trampoline. Our Aqua Jump workouts merge the dynamic, physical properties of water with choreographed jump, barre, dance, and HIIT movements on a trampoline, resulting in an addicting, total-body, strengthening workout perfect for all ages and fitness levels!

Jump Into Fitness

ABS™ Aqua Jump signature workouts are sure to make your students feel like kids again, all the while, building their cardio, toning their muscles, and releasing their endorphins. 


Designed for indoor and outdoor pools, ABS™ Aqua Trampolines are lightweight, easy to set up, and the perfect multifunctional piece of equipment for full-body, fitness training for all ages and athletic abilities.

Aqua Body Strong® is the only aqua trampoline on the market designed for commercial use and engineered to ensure superior safety and stability. Featuring a 6-point anchoring suction cup system and handlebars, aquatic centers, health clubs, city pools, and resorts worldwide trust Aqua Body Strong® equipment and training for their classes.

Free Aqua Jump Online Certification Training With The Purchase of 3 Aqua Trampolines.

Product Specifications

  • AISI 316L (Marine-Grade) stainless steel frame

  • Stability bar included with trampoline

  • Rust Resistant

  • Highly elastic water sports trampoline

  • 3 ft diameter 

  • Non-skid rubber feet for floor adhesion and protection

  • Lightweight and easy to store!

Get Your Team Certified

Certification Training

Aqua Body Strong® stands at the forefront of aqua trampoline certification, offering comprehensive in-person and online programs designed to ensure that instructors possess the knowledge and skills necessary to design and lead effective and engaging aqua trampoline workouts for all ages and fitness levels. From understanding the science behind the aqua trampoline workout to mastering proper technique, instructors will feel confident and excited to teach. Register for an upcoming training below. 

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