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Aquatic Fitness Trends

Do you remember when working out was fun? It still is!

Check out this year's aquatic fitness trends that bring fun back to fitness.

1. Aquatic Fitness Trend #1 Floating Fitness Mat Is the New Yoga Mat

Last year we saw dramatic changes in branding in the high-end resort industry. Desiring to cater to health and fitness-minded clients, while creating a fun experience for all guests, resorts like Hyatt Ziva, Secrets Resorts and Palace Resorts began offering ABS™ Aqua Board studio classes - where instructors guided their guests in yoga, starlight mediation and even HIIT classes in infinity pools overlooking crystalline blue seas.

This year we will see a wave of these dedicated – and super-glamourous Aqua Body strong™ studio resort classes rise as more and more resorts begin catering to the demand for fun and innovative health & wellness experiences designed

for social distancing.

But, ABS™ Aqua Board studio classes aren’t only for the well traveled. There are plenty of Aqua Body Strong™ studios locally as well. Dive on in at any of these YMCAs to build a super toned, strong body while having the time of your life. Lockport Family YMCA, John A. Davis Family YMCA, Midland YMCA, Masabi Family YMCA, Marshalltown YMCA, NW Family YMCA, Waltham Family YMCA, Warlick Family YMCA.

2. Rebound Fitness Just Got Better - Aqua Trampoline

Remember the days of jumping to your heart’s content on your neighbor’s trampoline? Or, maybe you were one of the lucky ones that had that glorious bungeed suspension canvas in your own backyard, where you mastered the art of jumping high into the sky and cannonballing down right next to your friend. Well, those days are back.

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline classes make you feel like a kid again, all the while, building your cardio, toning your muscles and releasing your endorphins. The trampoline goes directly into the pool and uses the water's resistance to make your muscles work harder while protecting joints with little to no impact.

****Warning - This is one water fitness trend you may become addicted to.

3. Aqua Cycling - Spins Into The Pool

Fitness fanatics have been enjoying indoor cycling classes since 1993 when the first Spinning program was officially launched at Crunch Gyms in New York. What began as a room full of stationary Spinner® bikes, where cyclists wore headphones and peddled to music played from a cassette tape, has now evolved into a multi-sensory, unifying aquatic experience. Jump on in at Iberostar Hotels and Resorts, where you'll find they have outfitted all their pools in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and Jamaica with Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Cycles. ABS™ Aqua Cycle is one exercise program that is literally for everyone. No matter your age, gender, size or fitness level, this workout can easily be tailored to fit anyone's needs. What's more, is that ABS™ Aqua Cycle classes are fun. If you are like me who find pedaling for an hour painfully boring, then don a bathing suit and water shoes and catch a ride on an ABS™ Aqua Cycle. Sure, you will climb mountains, sprint around a track and conquer hills, but when your bum is tired of sitting in the saddle, you'll hop off your bike and flutter kick across a channel, scissor kick out of a current and create a whirlpool by running around your bike. Not only will you be energized and motivated, but you will also find that exquisite joy of being totally immersed in water.

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