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Why You Can Charge More if You Offer Aquatic Therapy

The benefits of aquatic therapy are numerable.

The stats speak for themselves; when you're in the water, you decrease your weight bearing by up to 90%. This makes exercise much easier to do in the pool, than on dry land. If you're about to start running your sessions, don't be afraid to charge a little more. Your clients will experience an array of perks. Let's dive into these benefits in greater detail.

1. A Low Impact Workout

Aquatic therapy is terrific for those looking for a low impact yet high-intensity workout. Water cushions the joints and massages the muscles, while at the same time,

providing the perfect resistance to improve both strength and stamina. In a short amount of time, students will notice a considerable improvement in tone, fluidity of joints and flexibility.

2. Spatial Awareness

Some people have better spatial awareness than others. For those wanting to improve their spatial awareness, aquatic therapy is the perfect solution. Body awareness or proprioception specifically refers to the ability to sense the orientation of one's body in the environment. It allows you to move quickly and freely without having to consciously think about where you are in space. The balance training you receive during these sessions help to make your movements seamless. This is important because it helps prevent accidentally bumping into things or falling and hurting yourself.

3. Improves Coordination Aquatic therapy and Aqua Body Strong™ workouts help to improve coordination.

Being fully emerged in the water on an ABS™ Aqua Cycle or ABS™ Aqua trampoline, or being on top of the water on an ABS™ Aqua Board, creates a sense of instability. Naturally, our stabilizing muscles kick in, tightening our core and training our body to anticipate our changing movements. This type of practice helps us to prevent injury outside of the pool by training the body to react quickly to spacial changes. It also helps to improve agility. Both of these benefits reduce the likelihood of having a painful fall.

4. Better Reaction Times

If you accidentally trip, your body needs to regain its balance otherwise you'll fall. Improving you body's reaction time will help recorrect a stumble before falling completely.

7. Weight Loss

If you're looking for a superb way to lose weight, this is the workout for you. Aqua therapy doesn't just strengthen your core muscles; it also involves the other muscles that stabilize your body. When you do this, you'll start creating fresh muscle mass. This is essential for boosting your metabolism and losing weight.

5. Improved Joint Stability

After a few weeks, your members will see an improvement in the stability of their joints,

ankles, knees, hips, spine, shoulders and arms. Keeping your bones healthy is essential for preventing injuries. . It'll also improve the range of motion in your joints.

6. It's Great Fun

Not only is aquatic therapy and Aqua Body Strong™ classes a challenge, but it's also great fun. This kind of exercise is an excellent way of socializing with different people while relishing the opportunity to try something new. Plus, students will see continual improvements in their health, which is always satisfying. As they notice these changes, they'll become more and more motivated to keep going.

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