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Top 5 Benefits of Aquatic Stability Training for Athletes

Are you an athletic director looking to improve the performance of your athletes? Then aquatic stability training can help. Read on to learn more.

Coaches and trainers are in a unique position to develop athletes and help them win. In order to do so, they must be intentional and strategic in their programming and equip students with the right tools and training. Athletic departments that think outside of the box, and use cross-training programs and conditioning, are more likely to advance their team and beat their competition.

If you are looking for a way to make every athlete in your program more competitive, then begin with cross-training, using aquatic stability training. This type of training helps athletes, not only improve their balance and agility but also their overall performance.

ABS™ water fitness boards and training are making waves in athletic competition. Stability training products help athletes perform better and compete more regularly. Make sure your team is prepared to win. Check out these top benefits of our training products and approach:

1. Increase Agility and Stability of Gait

What if you had a simple technique to help your football team gain yards down the field? You may be surprised to learn that the best balance exercises can help you move the chains.

Watch a Hall of Fame player like Barry Sanders and there is no question that his success is due to his agility and stability of gate. The best running backs and receivers aren't just elusive. They are difficult to tackle. Stability fitness training using Aqua Body Strong™ water fitness boards improve stability of gait and agility.

2. Better Core Muscle Strength

Core training can separate victory from defeat in competition. Athletes who cross train, specifically to develop core strength and stability, are able to maximize their power output and perform complex movements at an optimized athletic performance. Think of activities like spiking a volleyball, swinging a racket, shooting a basketball, sprinting or doing the high jump.

When standing on and performing exercises on an aquatic stability training platform, like ABS™ Aqua Boards, the athlete’s core stabilizing muscles automatically ignite, firing up the core and building lean muscle and strength. This translates to enhanced game performance and more wins.

3. Strength through Agility

Developing stability and mobility in your athletes, through balance work and stretching, also increases strength in their key joints, making them more robust and less likely to sustain injury.

4. The 6th Sense For Winning

Looking for a big step up on the competition? Using the right balance exercises can do more than generate strength and speed. ABS™ stability classes can also increase proprioception in athletes. This means a better understanding of where their body is in space and a greater link between sensation and movement. Powerful, precise, and controlled movements are the trademarks of a good athlete. Adding proprioception training to athletic conditioning will help improve performance and prevent injuries.

5. Head Off Injury

Unfortunately, injuries are a reality for athletes. Contact sports alone result in 600,000 more injuries per year for student-athletes than if they were non-contact. By preparing athletes for competition with better balance, strength, and agility they will be less likely to get injured come game day. Aquatic balance training is the best option. Your athletes will have explosive power and great balance without risking big injuries.

Help Your Program With Stability Training

Every aspect of athletic performance will benefit from aquatic stability training. Athletes will be prepared for competition and more likely to win. Stability classes are easy to incorporate into your program. Aqua Body Strong™ offers on-site and online certification training designed to prepare instructors to successfully and safely teach a variety of ABS™ classes to all fitness levels. Approved by AFAA and NASM, you will receive a proper education and be part of an International Aqua Body Strong™ Instructor network, dedicated to helping you train your athletes to win!

Don't wait until other programs get the advantage. Find out more now about Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Boards and training a member of your staff as an instructor.

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