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Section 6

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Section 6 | Regressing & Progressing Exercises
TRAINING manual pages: 21 - 23

One of the aspects that sets the Aqua Body Strong™ Instructor Training apart from all others, is that we give our instructors the know-how to teach to all audiences by empowering them with the tools of how to modify exercises for all audiences.

Click on the video below to see examples of how to modify some common ABS™ exercises.

Progressions and Regressions

Progressions and Regressions

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See the table below for an example of how to regress and progress a standing side-side lunge. Think of 3 exercises that you can regress and progress and write them down in your manual on page 22.

Kneeling Side-to-side Lunge

Standing Side-to-Side Lunge placing hands on knees

Standing Side-to-Side Lunge hands reaching across the body

Standing Side-to-Side Lunge alternating hand reaching to the sky





Sometimes you may choose to regress an entire routine for your active agers or you may choose to progress an entire routine for your fitness enthusiasts or athletic cross-trainers. Click on the videos below to see an example of a regressed routine and an example of a progressed routine.