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Have you ever wanted to surf like one of Hawaii’s big wave riders? Or ride your bike, on a hot summer day, through a sparkling blue pool? Maybe jump as high as you can on a mini trampoline? Or take a round in a boxing match?

Aqua Body Strong™ Water Fitness products and signature workouts can provide your members with all these experiences and more!


Committed to creating unique fitness products, purposeful workouts, and joyful experiences that promote good health, positive self-identity, and community, Aqua Body Strong™ is proud to introduce our best selling products: Floating Fitness Mat, Stationary Pool Bike, Aqua Trampoline and Aqua Combat.


Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Boards

Ready to supercharge your workout? Jump on board our Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Board for a challenging and fun core stability and fitness training class. Incredibly versatile, the boards can be used multiple times a day to offer a variety of classes like ABS™ Flow (Yoga), ABS™Strength (Boot Camp), ABS™ Active Ager & ABS™ Kids.

Check Out This Review!

Kasey Eisch-Ermis, Aquatic Director at the University YMCA Center says, "I have really been loving my ABS™ Aqua Board workouts and my classes have been PACKED!! In fact, it’s so great that we have a waiting list and my Board of Directors is already talking about ordering MORE boards!"


ABS™ Aqua Cycle™

Keep cool with this hot new workout that delivers the low-impact benefits of Aqua Aerobics with the high-intensity thrill of Indoor Cycling. ABS™ Aqua Cycle is an ideal exercise for fitness training and physical rehabilitation. This 45-minute, interval class set to lively music, screams fun, with a variety of cycling positions, full body aqua aerobic exercises and stretching.


Jump Into Fitness!

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline™

One part serious workout to one part serious fun.

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline™ combines the natural resistance of water with choreographed jump, dance and strength moves, designed specifically for a full-body, pool workout. Increase strength, balance, and metabolism with this exciting and addicting, aquatic plyometric training class that your members are sure to love.


Kickstart Your Workout With ABS™ Aqua Combat!

ABS™ Aqua Combat

Train like a fighter! This explosive, aqua combat workout will have you striking and kicking like an MMA Pro. Gain muscular strength, endurance and coordination through water resistance training and choreographed mixed martial arts inspired movements.


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