Section 5

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Section 5 | Teaching ABS™Classes

TRAINING manual pages: 21-28

Aqua Body Strong™ believes that everyone should be able to experience the joy and accomplishment of completing an Aqua Body Strong™ workout. That's why we have created classes to meet the interests and fitness needs of everyone. 

As a certified Aqua Body Strong™ instructor, you will be able to teach all 4 of Aqua Body Strong's signature classes: ABS™ Strength, ABS™ Flow, ABS™ Active and ABS™ Kids.

ABS™ Strength

ABS™ Strength takes Bootcamp and HIIT classes to a whole new level. This strength-and-endurance workout for fitness enthusiasts, cross-trainers and athletes will challenge students to maintain proper postural control and alignment while increasing loads with resistance exercises, dynamic activities and cardio on the Aqua Body Strong™ board. Click on the videos below to see examples of ABS™ Strength workouts.

ABS™ Flow

Performed in the most serene of settings; a sparkling pool, ocean marina or glassy lake,  ABS™ Flow engages every muscle in your body by incorporating yoga postures with strong energetic transitions.  Tone your body, build balance and flexibility and increase your metabolism. Post-workout the sense of joyful freedom, you found on the board will follow you throughout the day with more energy, a tighter core and a lighter spirit. Click on the videos below to see examples of ABS™ Flow.

ABS™ Kid

ABS™ Kids,  the fun, interactive workout performed on an Aqua Body Strong™ fitness board, keeps kids engaged, physically fit and builds executive function skills to improve focus, planning, and control. Structured physical activities, team-based drills and confidence-building games will have your kids begging for their next Aqua Body Strong™ session! Click on the video below to see an example of an ABS™ Kids class.