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Section 1 | Introduction & Class Objectives
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Created by Professional Fitness Instructors for fitness enthusiasts with safety in mind!

After working in the resort fitness industry and seeing the need for unique and fun water fitness classes, Gia Lucy founded Aqua Body Strong™ in 2017. She began by producing commercial-grade floating fitness boards and classes, then expanded her popular aquatic fitness line to include aqua trampolines, pool bikes, aqua combat, and coming soon aqua mermaid. 

Gia Lucy is an EAA international fitness trainer, group fitness instructor, author, and founder of Aqua Body Strong™. As a former competitive gymnast and coach, Gia is enamored with movement, balance, and strength. She holds a B.S. in Biology from CSU, Fullerton, owned and operated a 1500 member health club in San Clemente, California, owns and operates a gymnastic school in Kauai and shares her passion for fitness by teaching Aqua Body Strong™ signature classes, dance and water fitness around the world.

The Story Behind Aqua Body Strong™

There are some experiences that invariably shape a person. For Aqua Body Strong™ founder, Gia Lucy, it was the first time she stood at the edge of the ocean gathering up the courage to throw herself in. She dog-paddled out into the surf, was pushed by the whitewash and for a few sweet seconds floated along in a sea of merengue. She associates that day as the day her love for water exercise began.

As a teenager, she explored the beaches of Southern California.  She surfed, boogie boarded, snorkeled, hiked, camped, biked and competed in gymnastics. As she was about to graduate college, she became discontent -she couldn’t imagine giving it all up, working under florescent lighting, sitting behind a desk and heaven forbid, working on a day the sun was shining. She became one of those people who believed she could live the ultimate dream of working at what she loved. So, with a Biology degree in hand, she wrote and published travel books on Southern California. 

Thirteen years later, when the opportunity arose to serve as Christian missionaries working at an orphanage with her family, Gia jumped on the opportunity. But, she didn’t know how to give up working. So she retired her pen and started a travel company that provides resorts with professional fitness instructors. 

Over the years, she saw new fitness classes emerge, but still, there was something lacking. She wanted something more - a more exciting fitness experience if you will. Remembering how much fun she had in their youth “floating on top of the water”, Gia conceptualized the Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Board on paper first. It had to attract younger clients, but cater to older guests as well. People of all shapes, sizes, and fitness abilities had to be successful in doing the workout. And above all, it had to be safe, fun and effective. 

She designed the boards to be inflatable and lightweight so they could be used, not only in indoor and outdoor pools but in marinas and lakes too. She engineered it to ensure superior safety and stability, featuring 4 points of tethering and an innovative textured, non-slip deck, and then she introduced it to the hotel industry. With Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, it wasn’t long before the fitness industry in the United States wanted in. Instructors were asked to become certified and aquatic facilities were asking how to purchase. 

Aqua Body Strong™ Aqua Boards are still a relatively new, water fitness workout. They made their first debut just 4 years ago. But daily,  Gia receives correspondence from people around the world who have tried their full-body workout, touting the joys of a fun, full-body workout. Jump on board today!

Module 1 | Welcome

As the leader in aquatic fitness, it is Aqua Body Strong's mission to create unique fitness products, purposeful workouts, and joyful experiences that promote good health, positive self-identity, and community.
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Module 2 | Aqua Body Strong™ Workout

At Aqua Body Strong™ it is important for us to know that our instructors feel confident and secure when teaching an ABS™ Aqua Board class. That’s why we have worked to create the ultimate online and in-person training platform. Click on the videos below to learn more about ABS™ Aqua Board workouts and the objectives of your Online Teacher Training.