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Promoting Camaraderie. Building Self Esteem. Encouraging People to Reach Their Full Potential.


These days, more and more people are putting an emphasis on their health & wellness. They are looking for ways to be inspired and stay more active. But staying fit is only a small piece of the puzzle. People want to feel like they are part of a grander picture. They long for purpose and belonging. They desire to be part of a community.

As a company, Aqua Body Strong™ is devoted not only to the health & wellness of people, but also to their well being. We create classes that encourage teamwork, promoting friendly interaction and fun, whilst producing significant results physically in core strength, balance and focus.

Participants cite diverse and challenging workouts as things that make taking Aqua Body Strong™ classes so rewarding, but reviewers are most passionate about the feeling of accomplishment and camaraderie they get after a workout.

Perhaps this student puts it best: “Each class I have the opportunity to not just workout for me but to help others where they are at, weather physically or emotionally.

Much of the Aqua Body Strong™ workout is telling yourself and others you can do it. For me, I feel like I not only helped myself but someone else and I hold onto that with great pride.”

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