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Water Fitness Equipment

For Aquatic Centers, Hotels, Gyms, Rehab & Water Parks

Aqua Body Strong™ is the leader in aquatic fitness and is committed to creating unique fitness products, purposeful workouts, and joyful experiences that promote good health, positive self-identity, and community.

Water Fitness Board

Aqua Body Strong is the leader in both quality and training in floating fitness. Our commercial-grade, inflatable, water fitness boards are the perfect platform for core stability and fitness training. Increase your balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and focus while refreshing your workout!

BPM Aqua Bike 2

Take you love for Indoor Cycling to the pool with the BMP Aquatic Bike Two.  This high-performance aquatic cycling bike provides the same high-energy, fun experience that your cycling enthusiasts expect. Think Peloton® and Soul Cycle® meets the water.

Aqua Jump

Aqua Jump is a fun, results-driven workout created for fitness, functional rehabilitation and athletic training. Build cardio, tone muscles and release endorphins, all the while protecting joints with little to no impact. Add a pair of combat water gloves to change up the rhythm.

Star Aqua Treadmill

The water adds a completely new dimension to the traditional land elipital. Think of Aqua Treadmill as a multifunctional tool designed for both group fitness classes, athletic training and one-on-one personal training for therapy and rehabilitation. The Star Aqua Treadmill has a three-roll sliding system tguarantees maximum fluidity and smoothness.

Moon Walker Eliptical

Moon Walker is a patented, multifunctional water elliptical that allows simultaneous training of legs and arms. It reproduces a form of walking or running in  an "antigravity" state, a movement inspired by Nordic Walking. Also effective in the use of only the upper limbs, which may accompany the movement of the legs or be active in the effort.

Puzzle Step


Step water aerobics is a fast-paced, full body, strength building, water resistance, workout that builds lean muscle and increases your metabolic rate through high-intensity cardio-conditioning and water resistance training. The step aerobic craze is making a comeback and this one fitness class that is sure to make a giant splash.

About Us

As leaders in the aquatic fitness industry, Aqua Body Strong™ continually sets the industry standard by providing the highest quality, commercial-grade fitness equipment and educational certification training on the market.


In our effort to continually offer the very best, innovative products and class programming, Aqua Body Strong™ has formed a strategic alliance with Europe's aquatic fitness leader, Aqquatix. Through this alliance, our clients in the United States, Mexico and Carribean now have the opportunity to outfit their facility with the foremost, global water fitness trends, premiere equipment, class options and instructor training available around the world.

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