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Section 3 | ABS™ Class Programming, Participation and Health Benefits

TRAINING manual pages: 10 - 14

The beauty of the Aqua Body Strong™ Board is its versatility. From high-intensity Bootcamp classes to Yoga Flow or even Water Therapy, ABS™ instructors can formulate their classes to match their participant's athletic and fitness abilities.

Module 12: Class Participants

Module 13: Class Objectives

Whether teaching an Aqua Body Strong™ Flow, Strength or Kids Class our goals are the same. Click on the video below to learn about Aqua Body Strong’s class objectives.

Module 15: The Benefits of Stability Training with ABS™ Water Fitness

Aqua Body Strong™ incorporates core stabilization and balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance training within each class. These four elements are the foundation of any well-rounded fitness routine. Click on the video below to learn about the many benefits of training on the board.

Section 4: Science Behind The Board

In the next section, you will learn about the concept of core stability and training on an unsteady platform.

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