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Section 2 | Board Set-Up & Safety

TRAINING manual pages: 4-6

Diagram of Board cropped.png
Names & Anatomy Of The Board

It is important to learn the names and anatomy of the board in order to communicate with your students on how to install and use the board.


Take some time now to memorize the terms associated with the elements of the Aqua Body Strong™ board.

Module 4 | Get To Know Your Board

TRAINING manual page: 4

Module 5 | Inflating Your Board Using a Manual Pump

TRAINING manual page: 8

How to Inflate Your Board
  • Untwist valve cap
  • Twist white knob to the right until it pops up.
  • Insert the nozzle into the valve by pushing down and turning clockwise to lock in place.
  • Use the pump to inflate the board to 7 - 8 PSI.
  • Once inflated, remove the nozzle by gently pushing down and turning counterclockwise.

Module 6 | Inflating Your Board Using an Electric Pump

Module 7 | Checking Your Board's PSI

Module 8 | Board Set-Up and Safety

TRAINING manual pages: 6-9

To ensure a safe and successful ABS™ Aqua Board class, please read through this module pertaining to board set-up and tethering. 

Please also note that students may apply sunscreen, lotion or even oil to their body before class. These lotions and oils can rub off on the eva, causing it to become slippery. We recommend that students wash their hands with soap and water before class.

The recommended pool depth is 3.5 feet or deeper

Diagram set up for boards.png


It is very important to tether the boards at least 5 feet from the pool deck and 3 feet from each other so if someone falls off during class they do not hit the side of the pool or another board.