Section 10

Section 10 | Video Submission Instructions

In an effort for Aqua Body Strong™ to ensure the quality of ABS™ programs for participants, instructors, and facilities, we require that all students who take our online certification program to submit a 25 minute choreographed video of themselves demonstrating their ability to teach a safe and effective workout on the Aqua Body Strong™ Board. This assessment video is due six weeks after the purchase of your online certification course.

As you know, once you are a certified Aqua Body Strong™ instructor you will be able to teach the four basic ABS™ Aqua Board formats: ABS™ Flow, ABS™Strength, ABS™ Kids and ABS™ Active.  When creating your 20-25 minute choreographed video, please include four 5-minute segments featuring each format using regressions and progressions. Feel free to utilize resistance bands for Strength, Team Building Games for Kids and gentle stretch and strengthen moves for Active. We have also included a table below of the top ABS™ Aqua Board movements to help you with your video. Please also include, an introduction and safety briefing before getting onto the board. 

ABSAqua Board Assessment Criteria Example

First and foremost, you will be assessed on your ability to teach a safe workout, smoothly executing the movements, exercises and transitions technically and effectively, using both regressions and progressions in your video. You will need to show exercises that flow smoothly from one sequence to another, using the board both in lateral and horizontal directions. 

Assessment Criteria Example



Does the Instructor establish the ABS™ Aqua Board Stance?

Does the instructor effectively deliver the exercise name?

Does the instructor effectively communicate a proper starting position for movement? Ie. Feet are hip distance apart, or feet are staggered

Is the exercise performed with control and correct form?

Does the instructor offer regressions and progressions.

ABS™ Aqua Board Movements

The following table consists of some of the Top ABS™ Aqua Board movements and is designed to help you initiate and execute the exercises correctly. Prior to submitting your video for assessment, you should review your video to ensure that you are meeting these minimal requirements. 

Meeting Minimal Requirements


Evaluation Criteria


ABSAqua Board Stance

Rock The Board




Down Dog








Side Plank















Mountain Climbers







Tuck Jump



Jump Around the World



Water Bicycle




Table Top 

  • Feet hip-distance apart with feet parallel

  • Avoid locking knees

  • Bodyweight is slightly forward of the midpoint of the foot

  • Maintain neutral lumbar spine

  • Position feet wider than hip-distance apart

  • Keep knee over ankle

  • Maintain neutral lumbar spine

  • Position hands shoulder-width apart

  • Position feet hip-width apart

  • Spread fingers and bear weight through the entire hand

  • Maintain cervical spine alignment

  • Position hands under shoulders

  • Position feet or knees (if modified) hip-width distance apart

  • Maintain Neutral Pelvis

  • Position wrist under the shoulder or if modified elbow under shoulder

  • Position front foot under the knee

  • Keep knee over ankle

  • Stagger feet approximately 4 feet apart

  • Position front foot parallel and the back foot at a 45-degree angle

  • Keep back foot planted on the ground

  • Position front knee over ankle

  • Hip and shoulders both face forward

  • Position feet slightly wider than hip-width

  • Position knee over the second toe

  • Bodyweight is evening distributed

  • Position knees and feet hip-width apart

  • Position hands slightly in front of shoulders

  • Stabilize spine

  • Position hands under shoulders

  • Position feet hip-width distance apart

  • Jump in the air with feet level and parallel to board

  • Land softly with a slight hollowed body and bent knees

  • Position feet hip-width apart  P

  • Pull knees to chest, head looking out

  • Land softly with bent knees

  • Position feet hip-width apart

  • Land softly with bent knees

  • Position hands under shoulders

  • Maintain cervical spine with core engaged

  • Chest open with shoulder blades pulled down away from ears




  • Position hands under shoulders

  • Position knees under hips

  • Maintain neutral spine

  • Maintain cervical spine alignment

Please send your completed video by to Please make certain to include your full name and email address.