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The Akua Hybrid Board is an innovative, one-of-a-kind, multifunctional, crosstraining tool designed to bring your workouts to the next level. Adaptable for any fitness program, this 3-in-1, inflatable, training aparatus serves as a multifunctional board that can be used in a variety of ways in a variety of locations:


  1. Stability Board on land
  2. Water Fitness Board in the pool
  3. Stand-Up-Paddleboard in a lake or ocean

Akua Hybrid Board

    • Dimensions: 3 feet across, 7.75 feet long and 6 inches thick
    • Lightweight, inflatable and easy to carry and transport
    • Inflate to 7 PSI and can support a weight of over 350 lbs
    • Made from a double layer of military grade PVC
    • 4 points of tethering creating a study anchoring system for pool use
    • Comfortable neoprene handles for transporting and performing abdominal exercises and resistance band workouts
    • Comes with aluminum paddle and removable 10" fin
  • Saftey Features For Use On Land

    • The deck is made of a textured non-slip EVA material, similar to a high-quality yoga mat. Having a deck with grip is critical. It only allows the participant to feel more confident in their movements, as well as, prevents injuries by preventing slipping.
    • The underpart (or bladder) of the board can be adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of instability.
    • The innovative body design is 6 inches thick, which increases the stability of the board for balance movements.

    Saftey Features For Use In The Pool

    • Four points of tethering creating a study anchoring system.  Participants still benefit from the instability of the board, increasing their core muscle strength, but with 4 points of tethering, they experience controlled instability.

    •  2+1 Technology. Made with a double layer of military grade PVC on top and bottom of the board as well as all four sides increases the durability and longevity of the board, as well as, prevents the board from bowing in the middle.
    •  Increased surface area equals increased stability.  The Akua Hybrid board measures 3 feet across, 7.75 feet long and 6 inches high. This also allows for taller individuals to be able to use the board.
    • The Akua board inflates to a PSI of 7. The greater the PSI means, the more sturdy the board. Our boards can support a weight of up to 350 lbs.

    Saftey Features For Use In Open Water

    • Double layer of military grade PVC durability for a ridgid board.
    •  Lightweight & Portable
    • 3 feet wide board helps indivuals to maintain balance while paddling.
    • 10 inch removable fin allows for smooth, long-distance paddlers to maintain speed that requires less effort and there is less wear and tear on your shoulders.





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