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Aqua Body Strong™

Raising The Bar On Water Fitness Mats

Contrary to Popular Belief, Not All Water Fitness Mats Are Created Equally! Aqua Body Strong™ is the ONLY commercial grade board on the market.

Our Story

Aqua Body Strong™ was originally developed for the resort industry as a fitness experience. It had to attract younger clients, but cater to older guests as well. People of all shapes, sizes and fitness abilities had to be successful doing the workout. It had to be extremely durable to withstand the tropical sun and multiple uses per day. And above all, it had to safe, fun and effective. There's a lot of copycat boards on the market, but non compares in safety and fitness results to Aqua Body Strong™. Check out the things that make our board and workout the best!
Key Safety Features

4 points of tethering creating a very study anchoring system. There are 2 D-Rings on all sides of the board allowing you to tether horizontally or vertically. Participants still benefit from the instability of the board, increasing their core muscle strength, but with 4 points of tethering they experience controlled instability.

The deck is made of a textured non-slip EVA material, similar to a high quality yoga mat. It is extremely important to have a deck with grip. It not only allows the participant to feel more confident in their movements, but also prevents injuries by preventing slipping.

2+1 Technology. Aqua Body Strong™ boards are made with a double layer of PVC on top and bottom of the board as well as all 4 sides. This not only increases the durability and longevity of the board, making it more resistant to tears and punctures, but also prevents the board from bowing in the middle.

Increased surface area equals increased stability. Aqua Body Strong™ boards measures 3 feet across, 7.75 feet long and 6 inches high. This also allows for taller individuals to be able to use the board

Aqua Body Strong™ boards inflate to a PSI of 7. The greater the PSI means the more sturdy the board. Our boards can support
a weight of up to 400 lbs.

Instructors are certified and trained to teach Aqua Body Strong™, which is a Recognized Fitness Provider by AFFA & NASM. Our Aqua Body Strong™ Teacher Training course is very comprehensive and is designed to ensure your instructors can teach beginners to experts. The combined education of the developers includes: BS Biology, Owner of 1500 member gym, certified Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Pilates and Yoga instructors and weightlifting coach. Former competitive gymnast and coach.

Additional Perks

Convenient bungee pocket. No need to jump off the board during class to grab your hat, sunglasses or water. Just reach behind you and retrieve them in the convenient pocket that holds all your personal items. 

Neoprene handles. Aqua Body Strong™ boards feature neoprene handles on both ends of the board as well as one large handle underneath, which makes transporting the board in and out of the pool, lake or car easy. But whats more, is that you can use these handles for various abdominal exercises and resistance band workouts.

Personalized boards featuring your facility's logo and brand colors are available. Gain recognition and take advantage of the marketing opportunities made through social media by putting your logo on the deck of the board.

8 CEU credits from AFFA and NASM. Instructors certified through Aqua Body Strong™ receive continuing education credit.

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