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Teaching Aqua Combat

The ABS™Aqua Combat class structure is modeled after MMA, boxing and UFC Pro Fighting. A 55-minute class, for example, is broken up into twelve intervals called "rounds". Each round, with the exception of the warmup (round 1) and the cool down (round 12), consists of 3 minutes of "work" followed by a 1-minute teaching transition. 

Section 5 | Teaching ABS™Classes
TRAINING manual pages: 21-28

The ABS™ Aqua Combat formula is a tested and proven formula create to guide participants through a fun, results-driven aqua combat workout. Please review to class structure chart below.

Aqua Combat Manual -Working.png

ABS™ Strength

ABS™ Strength takes Bootcamp and HIIT classes to a whole new level. This strength-and-endurance workout for fitness enthusiasts, cross-trainers and athletes will challenge students to maintain proper postural control and alignment while increasing loads with resistance exercises, dynamic activities and cardio on the board. Click on the videos below to see examples of ABS™ Strength workouts.

ABS™ Flow

Performed in the most serene of settings; a sparkling pool, ocean marina or glassy lake,  ABS™ Flow engages every muscle in your body by incorporating yoga postures with strong energetic transitions.  Tone your body, build balance and flexibility and increase your metabolism. Post-workout the sense of joyful freedom, you found on the board will follow you throughout the day with more energy, a tighter core and a lighter spirit. Click on the videos below to see examples of ABS™ Flow.

ABS™ Kid

ABS™ Kids,  the fun, interactive workout performed on an AFS™ Aqua Board, keeps kids engaged, physically fit and builds executive function skills to improve focus, planning, and control. Structured physical activities, team-based drills and confidence-building games will have your kids begging for their next ABS™ Aqua Board session! Click on the video below to see an example of an ABS™ Kids class.

ABS™ Active

Active Agers love this low impact, core stabilization, workout that is gentle on the body and above all fun! Students will build strength, confidence and endurance with water resistance exercises, stretches, balancing and resistance exercises. All exercises are modified and can be performed sitting down, kneeling or standing.