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Section 3

Section 3 | Class Programming
Definition, Demographics  & Equipment

What exactly is ABS™ Aqua Combat? What ages and fitness levels does the class cater to and what kind of equipment is needed to conduct a safe and effective class? How long does a class last? Can exercises in an ABS™ Aqua Combat workout be used as part of a circuit? 

All these questions and more will be answered in the section below. 

Module 4 | The Aqua Combat Workout

Twelve rounds of core rotational combos featuring upper and lower body strikes integrated with metabolic conditioning spikes is what awaits you in an ABS™ Aqua Combat class. This pre-choreographed, non-contact, water fitness format trains students in all planes of motion - frontal, sagittal and transverse for a total-body workout. Click on the video below to learn more about the ABS™ Aqua Combat workout.
The Aqua Combat Workout

The Aqua Combat Workout

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Module 5: Demographics

The genius of ABS™ Aqua Combat is that it is independent of one's athletic ability,  age, or gender. Everyone can participate! ABS™ Aqua Combat is designed for students to work at their own intensity and pace. As instructors, our job is to coach them to improve their technique, timing and intensity with each class.