Section 3

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Section 3 | Class Programming
Definition, Demographics  & Equipment

TRAINING manual pages: 7 - 10

These days, more and more people are putting an emphasis on their health & wellness. They are looking for ways to be inspired and stay more active. But, getting and staying fit is only a small piece of the puzzle. People want to feel like they are part of a grander picture. They desire to be part of a community. As a company, Aqua Body Strong™ is devoted to not only the health & wellness of people, but also their well being. As such, we have created signature classes and workouts, like Aqua Combat, that encourage teamwork, promote friendly interaction and fun, whilst producing significant results in strength, balance and focus. As an instructor, it is your job and privilege to lead them there.

Module 12: Class Participants

Module 4 | The Aqua Combat Workout

Twelve rounds of core rotational combos featuring upper and lower body strikes integrated with metabolic conditioning spikes is what awaits you in an Aqua Combat class. Click on the video below to learn more about ABS™ Aqua Combat workout.

Module 5: Demographics

The genius of ABS™ Aqua Combat is that it is independent of one's athletic ability, age, or gender. Everyone can participate! Aqua Combat is designed for students to work at their own intensity and pace. As instructors, our job is to coach them to improve their technique, timing and intensity with each class.

Module 6: Equipment

Let's face it, putting on a baseball uniform does make you a better baseball player. You feel official, you have a mission and your equipped to win. The same is true when your students put on Aqua Combat gloves. Mentally, they become prepared to work harder. They take on the persona of an MMA Pro and leave it all in the ring - or in this case the pool. 

Section 4: Class Set-Up

In the next section, you will learn the ideal depth to hold classes, materials needed and the overall goals of the Aqua Combat class.