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Section 14

Assessment Criteria Example

First and foremost, you will be assessed on your ability to teach a safe workout, demonstrating the movements technically and effectively in your video. Please record you teaching a live class. Remember to cue and coach your students. 

Section 14 | Video Submission Instructions

In an effort for Aqua Body Strong™ to ensure the quality of ABS™ programs for participants, instructors, and facilities, we require that all students who take our online certification program to submit a 30 minute video of themselves demonstrating their ability to teach a safe and effective ABS™ Aqua Combat workout to a class. This assessment video is due six weeks after the purchase of your online certification course.

When creating your video, please include an introduction and safety briefing before beginning class.

Assessment Criteria Example



Does the Instructor follow the ABS™ Aqua Combat Formula?

Does the instructor safely and effectively demonstate the exercise combinations?

Is the exercise performed with control and correct form?

Does the instructor offer regressions and progressions.

ABS™ Aqua Combat Movements

The following table consists of some of the ABS™ Aqua Combat foundational movements and is designed to help you initiate and execute the exercises correctly. Prior to submitting your video for assessment, you should review your video to ensure that you are meeting these minimal requirements. 

Meeting Minimal Requirements


Evaluation Criteria















Front Kick


Side Kick



Superman Punch





Diagonal Knee Strike





  • Does the instructor use their lead hand?

  • Does the instructor punch straight ahead?

  • Is it a quick punch forward & a quick retraction?

  • Is the other hand in guard position?


  • Does the instructor use their legs and core rotation to generate the force in their cross?

  • Is the instructor's rear foot pivoting in dominant or southpaw?

  • Does the instructor rotate their body and throw the uppercut from the waist?

  • Does the instructor stop the punch before breaking the surface of the water? 


  • Does the instructor stop the punch at the center of their body?

  • Is the instructor's elbows close to their body?

  • Does the instructor pivot their feet?

  • Does the instructor exhibit good form?

  • Does the instructor bring knee to chest before extending the leg?

  • Does the instructor chamber the leg before extending out to the side?

  • Does instructor pivot standing foot?

  • Does the instructor launch with two feet?

  • Is the elbow positioned at a 45-degree angle?

  • Does the instructor land with a bent knee?

  • Is the body in alignment when completing the move?

  • Are hands clasped together?

  • Does the instructor have good posture when executing the move from beginning to end?

  • Does the instructor keep their shoulders away from their ears?

  • Does the instructor modify the rocket for teaching on deck?

Please send your completed video by to Please make certain to include your full name and email address.