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Aqua Combat

becomE a certified 
Aqua Combat instructor

Train Like A Fighter! 

Become certified to teach ABS™ Aqua Combat, the workout that integrates aquatic resistance with advanced kickboxing and mixed martial arts inspired movements.  


Your students will gain muscular strength, endurance and coordination through performing a series of 12 rounds focused on core rotational boxing exercises, strikes, kicks and conditioning spikes.  This explosive, aqua cardio class sets the foundation for a high-intensity, low-impact, full-body workout that your students will love.


The ABS™ Aqua Combat virtual training 
certification is a one day, 5- hour course, 

which consists of theoretical components, 2 hours of practical training in the pool, 2 hours of instructional training on deck and a practical evaluation. 


By taking this course, you will learn the elements of the ABS™ Aqua Combat formula and how to teach a fun, safe and successful ABS™ Aqua Combat class to all fitness levels.  

Created by fitness professionals for fitness enthusiasts at all levels, Aqua Body Strong's teacher training is the most extensive educational program available.  
Combining the knowledge and experience of our Aqua Body Strong™ Advisors, which includes fitness trainers, coaches and competitive athletes in multiple disciplines, we have created the ultimate certification platform for water fitness boards

For more details, please check out our Virtual Certification Terms & Conditions.