Section 11

The Match

Now that you have mastered the foundational exercises, it's time to put them all together for the final "match".

Section 11 | The Match

Click on the module below to learn the combinations for ABS™ Aqua Combat Signature Masterclass Round then practice by using the chart below.

Module 13 | ABS™ Aqua Combat Masterclass Combos & Spikes

ABS™ Aqua Combat Signature Round

The ABS™ Aqua Combat signature round follows the ABS™ Aqua Combat signature formula. Review the formula again below.


Working rounds are set up as follows:


  • 40 Seconds of fight intervals followed by 20 seconds of Spikes (aquatic conditioning)  


  • Repeat fight intervals and spike 3 times to give you a 3-minute round.

  • Change stance between each fight interval/spike. (For example, fight interval 1 execute combo in dominant stance. Fight interval 2 execute combo in southpaw. Fight interval 3 alternate between dominant and southpaw in between each combo)

  • Each round is followed by a 1-minute recovery and prep in which the instructor will teach and demonstrate the combos for the next round.

Review the ABS™ Aqua Combat Signature Round chart below. Please note that a 55-minute class features all 12 rounds.  It is also possible for the instructor to offer a 45-minute and a 30-minute ABS™ Aqua Combat class as shown in columns 5 and column 6 respectively. Column 5 represents a 45-minute class, which features 9 rounds, while column 6 represents a 30-minute class that features 6 rounds. The x marks the round to be completed. The line marks the round to delete.

ABS™ Aqua Combat Signature Round


In the next section, you will learn about the ABS™ IN Continuing Education Program.