Section 5

Class Set-up

Start your ABS™ Aqua Trampoline class off right by ensuring your students are at the proper depth and distance from each other. Decide which class design best suits your pool, choose your favorite music, and jump in. 

Section 5 | Class Set-Up
Water Depth, Spacing of Trampolines, Class Design

Once your trampolines are assembled, you are ready to set up your class. To ensure a safe and successful ABS™ Aqua Trampoline class, you will need to consider several variables, including the depth of the pool, spacing of the trampolines and even the height of the participants.

Ideal Water Depth

Exercising in water is gentler on joints and muscles than exercising on the land. When submerged in water, one's body weight is offloaded, water cushions the body, and gravity is offset by buoyancy. 

Choosing the correct water depth for exercising is very important. It's the first thing you will want to consider when setting up your class. Too shallow or too deep of a water level will impede balance and movement and place undue stress on the body. A good rule of thumb for aqua fitness is for participants to workout in the water at their armpit level. This will ensure that they are exercising at their approximate center of gravity and that roughly 60% of their body weight is offloaded. (Please see the chart below)

Diagram 1

Percentage of Bodyweight offloaded vs Water Depth


Ideal Trampoline Depth

The jump pad on the ABS™ Aqua Trampolines stand 8 inches high from the pool floor. As most students are between 5 feet and 6 feet tall, we recommend that instructors place trampolines in water between 4 feet and 5 feet deep.

Spacing of Trampolines

When setting up a class, the spacing of the trampolines is very important. During class, participants will be performing various exercises on the trampoline, as well as, movements off and around all sides. Thus, for safety reasons it is imperative that all trampolines are spaced a minimum distance of 5 feet away from the pool deck and stairs and 3 feet away from eachother.

Class Design

Depending on the size, depth and shape of your pool, you will want to organize your trampolines in one of the following class designs: theater style lines, straight lines, reverse v formation or cluster stations. Again, trampolines should be at least 5 feet away from the wall and stairs and at least 3 feet away from other students for safety.

In each design, the instructor teaches from the deck at the center of the class. Eye contact between the instructor and the participants is imperative in order to give clear and concise instructions and demonstrate moves. 

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