Section 4

Trampoline Assembly

Ensure that every ABS™ Aqua Trampoline class is safe and successful by correctly assembling and caring for your trampolines.

Section 4 | Get To Know Your Trampoline
Assembly, Nomenclature, Storage & Care

Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove all parts from the box

  2. Screw the legs into the bottom of the trampoline frame

  3. Screw the suction cup feet onto the legs

  4. Assemble the handlebar by screwing the 3 corresponding pieces together

  5. Using an Allen Wrench, screw the brackets to the left and right front legs. Make certain to leave the brackets loose enough to insert the handlebar.

  6. Insert handlebars into the brackets and tighten down.

ABS™ Aqua Trampoline Anatomy

Now that your trampoline is assembled, it's important to learn the anatomy of your ABS™ Aqua Trampoline to effectively communicate with your students during class. Take the time to memorize all its parts and nomenclature.

Diagram 1

ABS Aqua Trampoline Anatomy

Diagram 1 - ABS™ Trampoline Anatomy copy.png

Storage & Care

Daily Maintenance

  • After each use, rinse the trampolines with non-chlorinated, fresh water to prevent the formation of residue.

  • Check that the legs and suction cups are intact and tightened for the next use.

  • Store the trampolines upright in a dry location to prevent mold or rust.

  • To increase the longevity of the trampoline pad and bungees, do not store in direct sunlight.

Monthly Maintenance

  • Clean and grease the threads of the suction cup feet, legs and handlebars with “AERO LUBE” or a similar product. 

  • Check and replace if necessary frayed or broken bungees

6 Month Maintenance

  • Clean the steel parts with “RADIANT” creamy emollient, or similar cleaning agent, to remove any reddish stains similar to rust that form by easily clinging to screws.
    After cleaning, apply the protective “INOX SATIN 27” or similar polishing agent. 

  • Check and replace if necessary suction cup feet and jump pad.

Replacing Bungees

From time to time you will need to replace worn out or frayed trampoline bungees. Please follow the instructions below for best practices.

  • Using an ABS™ Aqua Trampoline replacement bungee, place the metal end of the bungee below the plastic bungee mount.

  • Holding the plastic bungee mount in place, loop the bungee up and over the trampoline frame.

  • Attach the bungee by inserting it on either side of the bungee mount.


Section 5: Class Set-Up & Safety

In the next section, you will learn how to quickly and safely set-up and break down your Aqua Trampoline class.