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Aqua Body Strong™ believes that everyone should be able to experience the joy and accomplishment of completing an Aqua Body Strong™ workout. That's why we have created classes to meet  the interests and fitness needs of everyone. Check out our variety of classes and choose the best one for you!

Water Fitness Board

ABS™ Strength
Put your fitness to the test with ABS Strength, the new, balance-and-strength based water workout that challenges you to maintain proper postural control and alignment while performing Yoga, HIIT,  Pilates, and resistance band exercises on the Aqua Body Strong board. You'll burn calories, increase strength, balance, endurance, and focus while having the time of your life!

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ABS™ Flow
Performed in the most serene of settings; a sparkling pool, ocean marina, or glassy lake,  ABS Flow engages every muscle in your body by incorporating yoga postures with strong energetic transitions.  Tone your body, build balance and flexibility and increase your metabolism. Post-workout the sense of joyful freedom, you found on the board will follow you throughout the day with more energy, a tighter core, and a lighter spirit.

ABS™ Active
Active Agers are going to love this low impact, core stabilization, workout that is gentle on the body, and above all fun! Build strength and endurance with water resistance exercises. Strengthen joints, increase flexibility,  and stay healthy with our Aqua Body Strong workout designed specifically for you. All are performed sitting down and designed to improve strength, posture, and proprioception.

ABS™ Kids
ABS Kids,  the fun, new, interactive workout performed on an Aqua Body Strong fitness board, keeps kids engaged, physically fit, and builds executive function skills to improve focus, planning, and control. Structured physical activities, team-based drills, and confidence-building games will have your kids begging for their next Aqua Body Strong session!

Aqua Trampoline

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One part serious workout to one part serious fun!  ABS™ Aqua Trampoline workouts combine the dynamic, physical properties of water with choreographed jump, barre, dance, and HIIT movements on a trampoline resulting in an addicting, total-body strengthening workout perfect for all ages and fitness levels! ABS™ Aqua Trampoline is the ideal tool to rev up your fitness classes, personal training sessions, and small group workouts, as well as use for functional rehabilitation and athletic training.

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Aqua Combat


Train like a fighter! This explosive, aqua combat workout will have you striking and kicking like an MMA Pro. Gain muscular strength, endurance and coordination through water resistance training and choreographed mixed martial arts inspired movements.


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Aqua Cycle

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Keep cool with this hot new workout that combines the high-intensity thrill of indoor cycling with the low-impact of Aquagym.  Refresh your workout with Aqua Cycling, an ideal exercise for fitness training & physical rehabilitation, This fun, 45-minute, interval class, consists of a warm-up, a variety of cycling positions, full-body aqua aerobic exercises, and stretching, all set to lively music.

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Powered by Aqqutix Aqua Bikes

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Dynamic Vertical Pole


Dynamic Vertical Pole classes range from aqua boxing to pole fitness. These classes are results-driven and improve coordination and stability.


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Akua Hybrid Board

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Take your fitness anywhere! Introducing the brand new Akua Hybrid Board, the perfect balance between land and water fitness. Use the Akua Hybrid Board on land for yoga, pilates, and HIIT stability board classes. Bring it to the pool for floating fitness classes or insert the fin and take it to the lake or ocean for stand-up-paddleboard sessions. However you choose to use it, you will be sure to have fun and build a strong core.