Building A Strong Core

Water Fitness Equipment That Activates Your Autonomic Nervous System and Triggers Your Core Muscles To Engage. It is a rare person who loves doing sit-ups and crunches. Just a few years ago most people thought that doing hundreds of crunches a day would help them attain that elusive 6-pack, but today I'm here to tell you, you have better options. You can "trick" your body into a giving you a stronger core through stability workouts that activate your autonomic nervous system, triggering your core stabilizing muscles to fire. Using water fitness equipment, like Aqua Body Strong's water fitness board, pool bicycle, and pool trampoline is an excellent way to achieve your desired look while reap

Ride & Shine 5 Noteworthy Benefits of Aqua Cycling

Aqua cycling may sound like a fad, but the health benefits are decidedly hype-worthy. Read on to learn about the many advantages of aqua cycling, by Aqua Body Strong, and how this trend is here to stay! Aqua cycling, by Aqua Body Strong, is a total-body, results-driven workout that's so much more than pedaling your legs underwater. This program will have your members, cycling, rebounding, stabilizing, stretching, challenging their stamina and building endurance. It's a total fitness solution. 5 Benefits Of Aqua Cycling by Aqua Body Strong 1. Burn More Fat In Less Time Most everyone can agree that working out in water is more difficult than working out on land, due to the viscous nature of wa

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