Floating Fitness - What To Expect

Floating fitness is the #1 New Aquatic Fitness Trend- so if you're looking to try a class, here's what to expect! This summer get, and stay fit, by incorporating water into your fitness routine. In fact, why not immerse yourself in it? Or more specifically, float on it. Floating fitness is the #1 new aquatic fitness trend and it is taking the world by storm. If you want to try your hand at something enjoyable and beneficial, then dive in and read on. Expect to have fun, be challenged and get a good workout! Floating fitness classes focus on improving posture and balance while enjoying activities such as yoga, pilates, HIIT circuits, and resistance band training. You will be using the extra d

Mentoring Youth Through The Power Of Aqua Body Strong™

Using interactive and fun aquatic programming as a tool for empowering, team building and developing social and community cohesion. The most powerful tools for youth are a strong sense of community, a strong sense of self, and having positive, motivating activities and role models in their lives. The right aquatic programming offers all of these things and more. Keep reading to learn about mentoring youth through the power of Aqua Body Strong. Building Life Skills Life skills are abilities and behaviors that help people effectively deal with the events and challenges of everyday life, from interactions with others to identifying and processing emotions. ABS™Kids classes help kids develop lif

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