Top 5 Benefits of Aquatic Stability Training for Athletes

Are you an athletic director looking to improve the performance of your athletes? Then aquatic stability training can help. Read on to learn more. Coaches and trainers are in a unique position to develop athletes and help them win. In order to do so, they must be intentional and strategic in their programming and equip students with the right tools and training. Athletic departments that think outside of the box, and use cross-training programs and conditioning, are more likely to advance their team and beat their competition. If you are looking for a way to make every athlete in your program more competitive, then begin with cross-training, using aquatic stability training. This type of tr

Why You Can Charge More if You Offer Aquatic Therapy

The benefits of aquatic therapy are numerable. The stats speak for themselves; when you're in the water, you decrease your weight bearing by up to 90%. This makes exercise much easier to do in the pool, than on dry land. If you're about to start running your sessions, don't be afraid to charge a little more. Your clients will experience an array of perks. Let's dive into these benefits in greater detail. 1. A Low Impact Workout Aquatic therapy is terrific for those looking for a low impact yet high-intensity workout. Water cushions the joints and massages the muscles, while at the same time providing the perfect resistance to improve both strength and stamina. In a short amount of time, stud

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