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Aqua Body Strong


Core stabilization and balance, flexibility, strength, power and endurance training are the foundation of a well-rounded fitness routine. Aqua Body Strong™ incorporates all of these elements in each type of ABS™ class to provide you with the most of amount of  benefits. 

Improved Posture & Core Muscle Strength: Good posture is a direct result of healthy core stabilization muscles. When exercising on the Aqua Body Strong™ board, your core muscles naturally engage to keep you on the board. Doing even the simplest of exercises, like sitting on the board, engages and works your core stability muscles.

Increased Balance, Proprioception and Injury Prevention: The unsteadiness of the Aqua Body Strong™ board on the water trains your body to anticipate the changing movements of the board and to react quickly to right yourself before falling off. In effect, you are actively practicing not falling. This helps us off the board to reduce the risk of accidental falls that cause injury.

Weight Loss: All Aqua Body Strong™ classes utilize both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to burn more calories. Combine this with stability and resistance band training, which forces you to engage your core muscles thus isolating the muscle you are working, and you have the perfect workout. You will increase your metabolism and continue to burn more calories throughout the day.

Low Impact: The Aqua Body Strong™ inflatable board is like exercising on air literally. It cushions and protects your joints even when performing the most intensive HIIT exercises like running and jumping.

Sports Performance Enhancement: With increased core stability, an athlete has a greater level of control over the position and movement of their body, improving overall performance. The tennis player will gain quicker reaction times. The baseball player will have improved rotational force for improved power at bat, as well as, increased speed in throwing. The football player will have increased reaction reflexes to changes in speed, motion  and power.

Increased Attention Span and Improved Concentration: Aqua Body Strong™ workouts and activities geared towards developing Executive Function Skills.

Self-Confidence Builder:  Aqua Body Strong™ is a distinctively powerful way of helping people feel more secure and happy about themselves. Students feel accomplished by setting and achieving personal goals on the board. Proud in winning mini-competitions, mentally & physically stronger by taking risks and conquering their fear, knowledgeable in understanding their own potential to do better, a sense of belonging through positive coaching, progressive skill development and peer support.

Increased Strength: Aqua Body Strong™ workouts incorporate concentric, eccentric and isometric contractions through body weight, compound exercises and resistance band workouts to increase strength and develop efficient neural pathways to your muscles.

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